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EHS 5Senses

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Changes to Environment

Texture Box Different Fabric Textures Small Mirrors for Individual Play (no glass) Carpet Samples Corrugated Bulletin Border Strips Krinkle paper Sand Dirt Fake flowers Texture balls Playdough Sand Paper Texture Books Sensory Bottles (coke bottles with different things to make noise or look at, make sure lid is glued shut and no food items allowed) Flowers (see poisonous plants and safe plants procedure) Wind Chimes, could be homemade (child appropriate) Empty Spice Bottles Books about the senses Squeaky Toys Mr. Potato Heads Sensory baskets (label a different basket for sound, for touch, and for smell and place items inside that apply to each) Homemade sensory board

Water Table: small texture balls, fake flowers, foam circles, aluminum foil pieces, etc Sensory Table: small texture balls, corrugated bulletin border strips, sand paper, large pom poms, wood craft shapes, krinkle paper, etc

Teaching Concepts for Indoor Experiences

1. Fingerpaint (talk with children about the texture of the paint and how it feels between their fingers) 2. Paint with feet (same concept as above) 3. Use texture box and describe the different textures and older children can try to guess what each texture is. 4. Dancing Lights (dim lights and shine flash light around the room, observe different shadows, objects and could even make shadows with hands) 5. Crunch It (use hands or feet to crunch and crumple different types of paper and/or material, notice the different sounds each makes) 6. I Spy (older children) 7. Texture Collage 8. What Does the Nose Smell? (smell the different spice bottles) 9. Read, look and touch texture books. 10. Mirror Play 11. Air Stream (have children place hand in front of their mouth and gently blow to feel the air, for babies gently blow on their arm notice if they feel the air) 12. Paint with sound (play music while children paint) 13. Mr. Potato Head 5 senses (children will name each part and what sense as they put Mr. Potato Head together 14. Sensory baskets  ​15. Paint with rolling pin that has been wrapped with string

16. Practice cutting buy trying to cut play dough

17. Texture painting (paint using different items clipped in clothespin) must be supervised activity

18. Sandy finger painting (add sand to paint, let children paint and feel the gritty texture of the paint) ​19. Sort hard toys and soft toys

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1. Sounds of Nature (listen to the different sounds outside, describe what you hear and explore to see if you can find where the sound is coming from) 2. 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt (try to find something outside that can fall under each sense, teacher can make a chart of what children find and/or children can draw a picture of what they find) 3. Musical Fence (take out different items that you can run along the fence and explore the different sounds each item makes) 4. Texture Crawl (crawl on the grass, rubber mulch, concrete, dirt, etc outside to feel different textures) 5. Push playdough against different surfaces to see and feel the textures each surface has  6. Use sense of smell to discover different smells around playground

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. Name that Instrument (make a noise with each instrument and see if children can guess which instrument it is, for younger children just name the instrument after you make the sound) 2. I’ve Got 5 Sense by Shaun Brown 3. Popping Bubbles ( children can chase bubbles and/or try to catch them) 4. Musical Chairs 5. Texture Trail (lay out different textures for the children to walk or crawl on, ex. rubber mat, duct tape, carpet, felt pieces, etc.) 6. Sing a Song of Senses (sung to tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”) We use our tongues to taste We use our tongues to taste We taste the flavors in our food We use our tongues to taste. We use our ears to hear We use our ears to hear We hear noises loud and soft We use our ears to hear. We use our eyes to see We use our eyes to see We see colors all around We use our eyes to see. We use our noses to smell We use our noses to smell We smell flowers and perfume We use our noses to smell. We use our hands to touch We use our hands to touch We touch things both smooth and rough We use our hands to touch. 7. Peeping Through the Window: Shape Song Peeping through window, Peeping through the window, Peeping through the window, What shape will it be? (the child picks one of the cardboard tubes, and you sing together)                        

*Make shapes with cardboard tubes.

You’re peeping through the circle,                                                                                       Peeping through the circle, Peeping through the circle, What can you see? (the child names something or someone that she can see through the tube) (repeat the song with each shaped tube)

Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays

1. Five Little Senses Five little senses are what I need, To use when things are near I use my eyes to look and see I use my ears to hear I use my nose to smell things I use my hands to touch I use my mouth to taste The things I love to eat so much. Five little senses standing in a row, To see, hear, smell, tough, taste The things I need to know. 2. The Parts of The Body If a bird you want to hear, You have to listen with your_____. If you want to dig in the sand, Hold the shovel with your _____. To see an airplane as it flies, You must open up your ______. To smell a violet or a rose, You sniff the fragrance through your _____. When you walk across the street, You use two things you call your ______. East and west and north and south, To eat or talk you use your ______. 3. What Do You See With? (tune: Frere Jacques) What do you see with? (points to eyes) What do you see with? (point to eyes) Tell me now, tell me now (hold hand to ear like you’re listening) These are what we see with these are what we see with These are your Eyes! (point to eyes) (continue song with what you smell, taste, clap, snap, kiss, tap with, etc) 4. Five Senses I have two ears to hear. (point to ears) I have two eyes to see. (point to eyes) I have a mouth to taste. (point to mouth) To smell, there’s a nose on me. (point to nose) With my sense of touch, I get a hug from you. (hug children) And that is what my five senses do.

5. Wind Your Bobbin Up Wind your bobbin up, wind your bobbin up, Pull, pull, clap! clap! clap! Wind your bobbin up, wind your bobbin up, Pull, pull, clap! clap! clap! Point to the ceiling, point to the floor, Point to the window, point to the door. [Repeat Chorus] Point to your fingers, point to your toes, Point to your eyes, and point to your toes. [Repeat Chorus]

Teaching Concepts for Distance Learning

1. Simon Says

The teacher will give the action directions, while the students participate. If the children miss the action cue "Simon Says" then they are out. Keep going until you have a winner.

2. Scavenger Hunt

You can gather a list, or some ideas include looking for particular items that can go with the 5 senses.


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