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EHS Fall Sports

Changes to Environment

Homemade hockey pucks Plastic bowling set or homemade bowling set out of plastic bottles  Plush baseball, football, soccer ball, volley ball Tennis ball Sports stencils Team jerseys ​Team hats Swimming goggles Cheerleading pom poms ​Cheerleading uniform Sports stamps Sports stickers Sport magazine clippings Sports file folder games ​Sports cookie cutters PVC pipe mini goal post Empty Gatorade and/or Powerade bottles Empty water bottles Sports sensory bottle (Fill bottle with water and sport beads, glue lid on) Score book Water table: Plastic sports balls, nets, Sensory table:  Plastic sports balls, dirt

Teaching Concepts for Indoor Experiences

1. Sports hide and seek (have children close their eyes while you hide sports objects around the room, in sight, have children search for objects, first child back with objects gets to hide the objects next time and so on) ​2. Ball Sizing (cut out sports balls of different sizes and have children sort them biggest to smallest, smallest to biggest) 3. Sports collage using sport magazine clippings 4. Sports Sort (Supply the children with pictures of sports objects that belong together. Have the children sort the objects according to the sport they go with) 5. Find One like mine (Cut out shapes of different sports objects. Have them laminated. Pick out an object, and ask the children to pick the same object as you out of a pile of objects) 6. Have a variety of sports balls and let children hold each one and see which ones are heavy and which are light. 7. Bowling painting (tape a long piece of paper or multiple pieces of paper to floor, dip ball in paint then roll it down the paper)  8. Bowling pin sorting (cut out different color bowling pins and have children match or sort them)  9. Finger People Soccer Players (Give the children paper that is about 6 inches tall and 8 inches tall (rectangular). Have them draw a picture of themselves. Make two holes near the bottom where the knees would be on their person.The children place their index finger in one hole and middle finger in another. They then use their "person" to kick pom pom soccer balls!) 10. Cut out pentagon shapes out of black paper, give children a paper plate and let them glue shapes on plate to make a soccer ball. ​11. Use blocks to build a "swimming pool" children will pretend to swim 12.  Tennis Ball Puppet (Materials needed:  tennis balls, sharp knife (for teachers' use only), markers, yarn, glue. In advance, cut a line into the tennis ball. This will be the mouth of the puppet (when you squeeze the ball from the sides of this slice mark, it opens and closes!). The children decorate by using yarn for hair, markers to make lips and eyes, etc.) 13. Explore the different types of sports balls. Football, baseball, soccer, tennis, bowling, etc Observe the different ways they move, throwing, kicking, hitting, etc

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1. Kick the Cup (label 3 plastic cups with a letter, have children kick a soccer ball to knock over the letter you tell them too, if children are too young to know letters they can just kick the ball to knock over the cups) 2. Sports Hop (cut out sports objects and place them on the ground for children to hop from one to the other) ​3. Use plastic bowling set or homemade bowling set to play bowling ​4. Tennis ball toss (toss tennis ball in basket) 5. Running race (have running races or relay races, make it fun by having them walk on all fours, walk backwards, hop, skip etc. 6. Simon Says Sports

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. Take Me Out to the Ball Game Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd; Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don't care if I never get back. Let me root, root, root for the home team, If they don't win, it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, At the old ball game. 2. My Ball Song (tune of Mary had a Little Lamb) Once I had a little ball  little ball  little ball  Once I had a little ball  Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce  3. My Sports Song (tune of The More we Get Together)  If I would play soccer play soccer play soccer If I would play soccer I would need a ball  Substitute soccer for football, tennis, baseball etc.  ​4. Pass the football (play sports theme music while passing the football, stop the music, whoever has the football when the music stops yells "TOUCHDOWN") 5. Swim Stroke Freeze Game (Teach the children how to move their arms for different swimming strokes such as: Back float, Breast Stroke, Crawl, Dog Paddle. Practice them a few times. Now, play music and tell them you will tell them how to "swim" to the other side of the room.  They must FREEZE when the music stops and listen for the new swim stroke to use! Introduce them to "Free Swim" ...... the choose their own stroke! 6. Swimming, Swimming Song  (tune of Sailing, Sailing) (Act out!) Swimming, Swimming, In the swimming pool. Could you think of anything else that you would rather do? Breast stroke.  Side Stroke.  Fancy diving, too! ​Could you think of anything else that you would rather do? 7. See the Swimmers (tune of We're Going to The Zoo) “See the swimmers a swim, swim, swimming, Racing down the pool their swim, swim, swimming, Looking so cool as their swim, swim, swimming, So we'll go swimming too. See the runners a run, run, running, Racing down the track their run, run, running, Looking so fast as they’re run, run running, So we'll go running too.”

Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays

1. Football Player ​(tune of to Frere Jacques) ​Football player, football player Throw the ball, (Hold one hand back like you are going to throw a football.) Catch the pass. (Pull both hands to chest as if catching a football) Run and don't get tackled, run and don't get tackled. (Pretend to run.) Touchdown, touchdown (Hold both arms straight up to signal a touchdown.) 2. Baseball Player (tune of Frere Jacques) Baseball player, baseball player (pretend to throw ball) Swing the bat, hit the ball (Pretend to swing a baseball bat.) Run around the bases, run around the bases (Pretend to be running.) Homerun, homerun 3. Basketball Player (tune of Frere Jacques) Basketball player, basketball player Dribble the ball, down the court (Pretend to be bouncing a basketball.) Stop and shoot a basket, stop and shoot a basket. (Pretend to shoot a basketball.) ​Two points, two points. (Hold up two fingers.) 4. Take Me Out to the Ballgame Take me out to the ballgame. (Pretend to be swinging a baseball bat.) Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack. (Use one hand to motion like you are popping a piece of popcorn into your mouth.) I don't care if I never get back. (Shake your head back and forth like you are saying no.) Oh it's root, root, root for the home team. (Pump your fist three times like you are cheering.) If they don't win it's a shame. (Hold both hands out with the palms facing up.) For it's 1, 2, 3 strikes - you're out (Count to three on your fingers and then point out to the side like a baseball umpire.) ​at the old, ball game!


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