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EHS Spring Weather

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Changes to Environment

Pictures of Spring scenery Rain boots, rain hat, etc Books about spring weather Spring colors of paint, playdough, felt pieces, tissue paper, etc File folder game (Spring weather, clothing, etc) Coke bottle tornado (food coloring, water, confetti, make sure top is glued shut) Cloud, Rainbow, raindrops, etc felt pieces Coke bottle full of cotton balls for "clouds", glued shut  Water Table: blue water, large white and grey pom poms ("clouds"), funnel, sifter, water can,etc  Sensory Table:  laminated water drop cutouts, green crinkle paper, fake flowers, etc

Teaching Concepts for Indoor Experiences

1. Paint with Spring colors 2. Pour water through sifter “rain” 3. Glue one half of folded cupcake liner to paper, make raindrops with fingerprints and blue paint, use pipe cleaner for umbrella handle 4. Glue pre-cut color squares on paper to make a rainbow. Can already have rainbow colored see if children can match the color squares to the color of the rainbow 5. Color/paint paper plate to look like sun 6. Move coke bottle real fast in a circular motion while holding in hand (coke bottle has food coloring, confetti and water, top is sealed with glue) to see tornado 7. Paint storm clouds (paint piece of paper grey, glue pre-cut rain drops and lightening bolts all over paper)

8. Weighing Worms or Bugs

Weighing Worms or Bugs! These worms manipulatives are perfect for measuring length and weight. This little learner discovered that two medium worms weigh the same as a “huge” worm. You will hear students using tons of math vocabulary as they talk about the worms, compare them, sort them, and measure with them too

9. Loofah Chicks

10. Insect Sensory Activity

This fine-motor sensory activity makes for hours of fun as preschoolers use their digging tools to hunt for insects. It's also a great opportunity to teach them about bug life cycles.

Teaching Concept

s for Outdoor Experiences

1. Nature walk 2. Rain Dance 3. Chase clouds 4. Streamers in the wind- use colorful streamers to dance and wave around in the wind

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. Boom, Bang! Boom, bang, boom, bang; Rumpety, thumpety, bump! Zoom, zam, zoom, zam; Clippety, clappety, clump! Rustles and bustles, swishes and zings- What wonderful noises a thunderstorm brings! 2. Falling Raindrops Raindrops, raindrops, falling all around. Pitter-patter on the rooftops, Pitter-patter on the ground. Here is my umbrella, It will keep me dry; When I go walking in the rain, I hold it up so high. 3. A Rainbow Fair When the rain falls from the sky, Don’t forget to look up high. If the sun is shining there, You may see a rainbow fair. Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue And you’ll see there’s purple too. 4. Spring  Put up your umbrella When the rain comes down Wear a happy smile Wipe away a frown. Splash in all the puddles, Do a little dance. Rain is just the thing we need For new spring-time plants 5. Rain  With a drip, drip, drip And a drop, drop, drop See the rain on the pane: Will it stop, stop, stop? With a wink, wink, wink, And a blink, blink, blink, Will we see sun again, Do you think, think, think? 6. W-I-N-D-Y There was a day when we were blown And windy was the weather-O, W-I-N-D-Y, W-I-N-D-Y, W-I-N-D-Y, And windy was the weather. Continue 7. Wind (tune of: The Farmer in the Dell) Wind can help us out, In many many ways It can help to cool us off On hot and humid days It also helps move seeds And takes them all around. This way plants have space to grow All over on the ground But wind can also harm All things in the way It can blow down trees and things On a stormy day.

Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays

1.Rain on the Grass Rain on the green grass, (point down) Rain on the tree, (point up) Rain on the house top. (make roof with hands) But not on me. (point to self and shake head) 2. April Rain Dance little raindrop (wiggle fingers) Tap with tiny feet (tap feet) The seeds will awaken (pretend to sleep and awake) When they hear our beat (cup hand over ear) Grow little seeds (squirm) And see the cloudy sky (point to sky) 3. Raindrops Pitter-patter raindrops (wiggle fingers to imitate falling rain) falling from the sky. Here is my umbrella, (hands over head) to keep me safe and dry. When the rain is over and the sun begins to glow, (make large circle with arms) little flowers begin to bud; (cup hands together) and grow and grow and grow. (spread hands apart slowly) 4. I see the wind I see the wind when the leaves dance by, (Dance hands around) I see the wind when the Clothes wave “Hi!” (Wave hand) I see the wind when the trees bend low ,(Bend arms over and down) I see the wind when the flags all blow .(wave arms high) I see the wind when the kites Fly high, (raise arms high) I see the wind when the clouds float by. (wave hand gently) I see the wind when it blows my hair, (lift hair with hands.) I see the wind ‘most everywhere! (Hold hands out, palms up.) 5. 5 Little Weathermen 5 little weathermen sitting on a gate. The first one said, “My it’s getting late”. The second one said, “There are storm clouds in the sky”. The third one said, “Let’s run inside”. The fourth one said, “Wait, the sun is peeking out”. The fifth one said, “That’s what weather’s all about”. ooooo….went the wind, and up flew their kite, and the 5 little weathermen chased it out of sight. 6. Water Cycle (tune: She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain) Water travels in a cycle, yes it does (use pointer finger to make big circle) Water travels in a cycle, yes it does (repeat finger circle) It goes up as evaporation(moves hands up to the sky Forms clouds as condesation (make a cloud overhead with arms) The comes down as precipitation, yes it does! (sprinkle with fingers while bringing arms down in front of you)


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