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HS 5 Senses

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Interest Area Changes to Environment

Feely box / bag Texture books Carpet samples Bristle blocks Telephone / old cell phone Dress up clothes with different textures (silk, fur, wool, etc.) Books on tape Masking tape Smelly jars (plastic baby food jars and items to smell) Sound jars (same as above, just cover the jar with paper so the children cannot see what is inside) Encourage children to shake the jars and guess what is inside. Sand paper Magnify glass Braille samples Flowers (fake and real- refer to Poisonous Plants Form) Mr. Potato Head Scented markers Scented playdough Scratch and sniff stickers Fake glasses Jingle bells Magazine cut outs of eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands Feathers Toilet paper tube (binoculars) Eye Patch Create an Eye Doctor’s Office (Optometrist) in Dramatic Play this week! Add an eye chart, mirrors, doctor kit, clipboards, play glasses, etc.. Create a Florist Shop in the Science Center. Put fresh and fake flowers, which senses do you use to distinguish the two.

Teaching Concepts for Large Group

1. What are the 5 senses? 2. Go into more detail about each individual sense. 3. How can we take care of our senses? 4. Who helps us take care of our five senses? 5. Do all children and people have the same 5 senses? What if they can't see? Can't hear? Discuss eye color. Chart children's eye color. 6. How do things taste? Bitter, sour, sweet, salty. 7.  How do hear? What makes us hear? Play a copy clap game or use rhythm sticks for children to copy you. This works on patterns as well! 8. How can things feel different? Discuss and show texture board. Example below:

Teaching Concepts for Small Group

1. Glitter plates (sense of sight)- cover paper plate with glue, and cover with glitter. Turn the light off and use a flashlight, discuss differences with lights on and lights off, a lot of glitter, or just a little glitter. 2. Finger paint (sense of touch)- you can always add sand to change the texture and discuss differences. 3. Use the smelly jars mentioned above (sense of smell). 4. Use the sound jars mentioned above (sense of hearing). 5. Sand paper rubbings (sense of touch). 6. Finger print names – in advance have the children’s names wrote on a piece of paper (if they can write their name, even better!!), have them use a stamp pad and trace their name with fingerprints. 7. Play “I Spy” with binoculars 8. Sound Bingo 9. Listen to music while painting. 10. Texture collage. 11.  Discuss and feel texture boards. 12.  Classify items (sense of touch) based on textures. 13.  Use magazine cutouts to make a silly face. 14. Blindfold children (if they want) and let them draw, paint, and follow simple commands. 15. What's different? Have the children look at you or a small grouping of toys. After a minute or so, have the children close their eyes and either remove something or change something. Can they spot the difference?

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. I’ve Got 5 Senses by Shawn Brown 2. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes by Dr. Jean 3. Freeze dance: Play a song while children dance. Occasionally pause the music. Listen carefully because when the music stops, you freeze! When the song plays again you are free to dance!

Teaching Concepts for Finger-plays

1. I have two eyes to see with, (point to eyes) I have two feet to run with, (point to feet) I have to hands to wave with, (wave) And nose, I have but one, (point to nose and hold up one finger) I have to ears to hear with (point to ears) And a tongue to say “good day!” (point to tongue) And two red cheeks for you to kiss, (point to cheeks) And I will run away! (turn around and run in place) 2. Senses (Come up with your own movements) With our eyes we see With our ears we hear With our fingers we can touch With our nose we can smell With our mouth we can taste Now, thank you very much! I am an eye Yes, an eye is what I am Sometimes I need glasses To see the best I can You know me I’m a finger that lets you touch I can tell if it’s hot or cold Or tell if it’s smooth or rough I am a nose On an elephant I am a trunk With me you’ll sense the difference Between a flower and a skunk I am an ear If I am working you can hear Please don’t put things inside me I’d like to make that clear I am a mouth I’m the one that lets you taste With me you will enjoy your dinner So it won’t go to waste 3. My Senses

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1. Name the sense beanbag game. Enlarge pictures of an eye, a hand, nose, tongue, and an ear and tape them together side by side. Have the children toss the beanbag to the pictures. Then have the children name the sense and something that goes with it. For example: Nose – the sense of smell – I like the smell of popcorn.

CLASS Concepts

Encourage children to smell items such as spearmint leaves, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, etc. and ask them what the smell makes them think of. Tell them what it reminds you of…”Smelling this spearmint reminds me of when I brushed my teeth this morning. The toothpaste was mint flavored”. Advanced Language: Braille


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