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HS Books and Beyond

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Interest Area Changes to Environment

Books Boxes Books on tape / CD CD Cases DVD Cases Flannel Board Puppets Keyboard (with cord cut) Headphones (extra – cut the cord) Microphone Cassette Tapes Cardboard Box T.V. Newspaper Magazines Brochures Menus Old Cell Phones ABC Magnets ABC Stamps Pamphlets Fliers

Teaching Concepts for Large Group

1.  What ways do we read books at school? 2.  What ways do we read books at home? 3.  How can we make our own story? Pick topics and let children vote, then make the classroom story. 4.  Who are characters? What do they do?

Teaching Concepts for Small Group

1.  Have children write their name.  Have a book and have children find the letters in their name. 2.  Draw pictures for the classroom book mentioned above. 3.  Have the children retell the book read during story time. Let them hold the book, turn the pages, etc.. 4.  Listen to book in the listening center. Have the children clap every time they hear a certain word. 5.  Read a book and list characteristics the children say about the main character. 6.  Listen to a book on tape. How is that different than being read to in person.

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. Phon-ercise All right, everybody. Time to phon-ercise. Put your hands in the air and say the letter. Touch your shoulders and make the letter sound. Touch the ground and name a word that begins with that sound. A – /a/ – alligator B – /b/ – ball Cat – duck – egg – fish – girl - House – iguana – jelly – king - Lion – mouse – nest – octopus - Pig – queen – ring – sun – top - Umbrella – vest – wagon – x-ray Yo-yo – zipper 2.  Alphardy (Tune: “Jeopardy” Theme Song) A for apple a-a-a. B for bounce b-b-b. C for cut c-c-c. D for dig d-d-d. E – elbow F – fan G – gallop H – hop I – itch J – jump K – kick L – love M – munch N – not O – opera Q – quiet R – run S – sew T – talk U – upside V – volley W – wiggle X – x-ray Y – yawn Z – zigzag Letter sounds are all you need. Put them together and you can read!

Teaching Concepts for Finger-plays

1.  Here is My Book Here is my book, (hold hands together as if a book, then open) I open it wide, To see all the pictures, that are inside. 2.  I Like Books I like books I really do – Books with stories And pictures, too. Books of birds And things that grow Books of people We should know. Books of animals And places, too, I like books, yes I do.

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1.  Hide letters outside for children to find. 2.  Have a pretend campfire (tissue paper and toilet paper rolls) and flashlight.  Have children tell stories.

CLASS Concepts


Teaching Concepts for Distance Learning

Make an ABC/123 Sensory Bin

Take letter shapes, scrabble tiles, letter puzzle pieces, etc. and bury them in a sensory bin. You can use any fillers such as rice or sand. Set up a letter wash with warm, soapy water and foam or plastic letters. Alternatively, you can use numbers too.

Letter/number search

Use a magnifying glass to search letters/number of the week or just randomly in books, magazines, and anything that has words or numbers.

Move, Play and Learn opposites big and small, fast and slow.

Brainstorm opposites such as big/small, fast/slow, loud/quiet, wide/narrow, high/low, heavy/light.

In a big space: Move across the space that space starting with the first concept and end with its opposite. Example: players could begin by running very slow, gradually getting faster until they reach the other side. Or they can start by marching with big body and, as they cross the yard, gradually become smaller until they reach the end.

In a small space: Instead of moving across the space play the game by staying in place. Example: Marching in place, begin with big march to small march etc.

Let’s kids play instruments online. Instruments include the guitar, piano, pan flute, drums, and bongos.

Practice phonics skills with these read-along stories


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