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HS Fall Sports

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Interest Area Changes to Environment Real Football Nerf football Football helmet Football jersey Water bottle Soccer ball Shin guards Score book Soccer Net (outside play) Soccer team logos Football team logos Make field hockey sticks Cheerleading uniform Cheer Pom Poms File Folder game (match the player to the sport) Team Pennant ​Football pads Sports stencils Football or Soccer lacing cards Basketball Small basketball net / small basketball Sports stencils Sports stamps Sports magazine cutouts

Teaching Concepts for Large Group

1. What Ball is That? Place different balls, one at a time, in a feely box (you can make one by cutting a hole out of the side of a box). Let the children guess which type of ball they think it is.  2. What is a team sport? What is a non team sport? 3. What are some rules to follow in sports? 4. What shapes do you see on the balls? 5. How long is a football field?  6. Yard Stick Measuring Show children a yard stick and ask if they know how many yards a football field is. Have children measure items in the room to find objects that are a yard tall or long.​ ​7. Graph favorite sport 8. “Do all balls bounce?” “Do all balls roll?” “What makes balls move?” “Who uses balls?” “What are balls made of?”​

Teaching Concepts for Small Group

1. Make a Team Pennant. Materials needed:  Large construction paper, pennant shaped stencil (made from a file folder), markers, scissors, miscellaneous arts and craft supplies, and glue. Have children trace and cut out a pennant shape. Then glue on items and use markers to represent their favorite team or to make up their own team. 2. Football Lacing Materials needed:  Sturdy tagboard, hole puncher, shoestrings or lacing strings. Make ball shapes from the tagboard. Paint/color to look like footballs, soccer balls, etc.. Hole punch around the edges as well as in the middle where the cross stitching would be. Let children lace away! 3. How Heavy? Provide different balls and a scale.  Let children weigh them (a balance scale would be great!). You could also provide specific sport items and have them weigh them. 4. Count the laces. Count the laces on a real football. Make a file folder with different counting laces and the matching numbers. 5. Make a soccer ball and discuss shapes what it takes to make. 6. Hide the little brown football behind one of the helmets and let the kids yell out which color helmet they think hides the ball. Then we say: Football, football, where do you hide? Under the (color) helmet? Let's peek inside 7. Sports hide and seek (have children close their eyes while you hide sports objects around the room, in sight, have children search for objects, first child back with objects gets to hide the objects next time and so on) ​8. Ball Sizing (cut out sports balls of different sizes and have children sort them biggest to smallest, smallest to biggest) 9. Sports collage using sport magazine clippings 10. Sports Sort (Supply the children with pictures of sports objects that belong together. Have the children sort the objects according to the sport they go with)​ ​11. Finger People Soccer Players (Give the children paper that is about 6 inches tall and 8 inches tall (rectangular). Have them draw a picture of themselves. Make two holes near the bottom where the knees would be on their person.The children place their index finger in one hole and middle finger in another. They then use their "person" to kick pom pom soccer balls!) 12. Set up a bowling alley

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

PASS the Football Play a game of pass the football by bringing a real football, a CD Player and a CD to circle time. The children pass (not throw) or toss the ball to the person next to them while the music is playing. When you stop the music, the child holding the football yells "TOUCHDOWN!". Warm-Up Exercises Practice warm-up exercises like professional football players do by having students do jumping jacks, run in place, and stretch to touch their toes.

Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays

Football Player ​(sung to Frere Jacques) Football player, football player Throw the ball, (Hold one hand back like you are going to throw a football.) Catch the pass. (Pull both hands to chest as if catching a football) Run and don't get tackled, run and don't get tackled. (Pretend to run.) Touchdown, touchdown (Hold both arms straight up to signal a touchdown.) Take Me Out to the Ballgame Take me out to the ballgame. (Pretend to be swinging a baseball bat.) Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack. (Use one hand to motion like you are popping a piece of popcorn into your mouth.) I don't care if I never get back. (Shake your head back and forth like you are saying no.) Oh it's root, root, root for the home team. (Pump your fist three times like you are cheering.) If they don't win it's a shame. (Hold both hands out with the palms facing up.) For it's 1, 2, 3 strikes - you're out (Count to three on your fingers and then point out to the side like a baseball umpire.) at the old, ball game! Baseball Player Baseball player, baseball player Swing the bat, hit the ball (Pretend to swing a baseball bat.) Run around the bases, run around the bases (Pretend to be running.) ​Homerun, homerun

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

CLASS Concepts

Teaching Concepts for Distance Learning

Move, Play and Learn Sports big and small, fast and slow.

Brainstorm opposites such as big/small, fast/slow, loud/quiet, wide/narrow, high/low, heavy/light.

In a big space: Move across the space that space starting with the first concept and end with its opposite. Example: players could begin by running very slow, gradually getting faster until they reach the other side. Or they can start by marching with big body and, as they cross the yard, gradually become smaller until they reach the end.

In a small space: Instead of moving across the space play the game by staying in place. Example: Marching in place, begin with big march to small march etc.


Private message one child with the word card. This child then pantomimes this clue while the other children guess the answer.


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