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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Interest Area Changes to Environment

Mirror Puppets Cards with names and pictures Multicultural paint Clip on tie Baby bib Baby doll Baby food Baby shampoo bottle Wash cloth Towel Slippers Diaper Baby bottle Stuffed dog, cat, rabbit, etc Apron Stamp pad with people stamps Photo Album Family Picture – display Counting bears

Teaching Concepts for Large Group

1. What / Who makes a family? 2. What makes my family different from your family? 3. How do some families live? (Ex. house, apartment, teepee, igloos) Concept to learn: families can live in different dwellings. Read the Three Little Pigs. 4. What do you do to help your family? Talk about the importance of helping one’s family. 5. What is the role in my family? 6. What do I do to show my family how I feel? 7. What are some things families do together?

Teaching Concepts for Small Group

1. Have precut gingerbread man shapes out of construction paper. Have the children make someone in their family. Have collage materials and scraps to do this. (Yarn strings -no longer than 12 inches, buttons -be sure to supervise, cloth pieces, felt, googly eyes, etc.. Let these dry. Later glue them to popsicle sticks and have a puppet show. 2. Who would use this box? Put together a box with different material (slippers, tie, phone, diaper, a pretend dog bone, baseball hat, pretend lipstick, hair bow etc..) Have the children go through the box and pull an item out. Ask them who in their family uses that item and how they use it. 3. Mommy and baby animals file folder. Have a matching game of the baby and mommy animals. 4. Make houses out of empty milk cartons. Use sand paper, red construction paper, straw and sticks (Again, this goes along with the Three Little Pigs) 5. Discuss family sizes. Use counting bears to represent family members. Work on counting and adding family members and taking family members away. Example- Start with 4 bears. Count. 1 bear went to school, take this bear away. Now how many are there? 6. Activities with the counting bears. 7. Classifying – Have children cut out pictures from magazines and glue them on paper divided into two sections. “Children” and “Parents”.

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL 1. I love Mommy( can add daddy, brother, sister, etc.) (tune: Frere Jacques) I love Mommy, I love Mommy. Yes I do, yes I do. And mommy loves me, Yes, my mommy loves me, Loves me too; loves me too. 2. Family Picnic (tune: Teddy Bear Picnic) Let’s all go to the woods today, We’re sure of a big surprise. Let’s all go to the woods today, We’ll walk there side by side. We know that we’ll have lots of fun, We’ll eat and play and dance and run. Today’s the day we have our family picnic! 3. With My Family (tune: Muffin Man) Tell me what you like to do Like to do, like to do Tell me what you like to do With your family. ______likes to _______ _______,______ ______ likes to _____. With his/her family. (insert children’s names and what they like to do with their family in the blanks) 4. My puppy My puppy has a doghouse, just outside my door. He licks me when I pet him and he wags his tail for more. He’s always there beside me, no matter what I do. My puppy is my special friend, and a family member too! 5. You Are My Sunshine! 6. I Love You (Barney song) Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays 1. My Family Here is Daddy (thumb) Here is Mommy (index) Here I am for three (pinky) Together we’re a family, As happy as can be! (clap) 2. My House Here are the windows, Here is the door. Come on in, I’ll show you more. Here is the kitchen, the living room too. A bathroom, three bedrooms, and room for you! An attic, a chimney, and a roof above. My house is a home, ‘Cause it’s filled with lots of love! 3. A Family Fingerplay This is a family (hold up one hand, fingers spread) Let’s count them and see How many there are And who they can be (count 1,2,3,4,5) This is the mother (touch pointer finger) Who loves everyone And this is the father (touch big finger) Who is lots of fun. This is my sister (touch ring finger) She helps and she plays And this is the baby (touch little finger) He’s growing each day. But who is this one? He’s out there all alone, Why it’s Jackie the dog, And he’s chewing on a bone. (wiggle thumb) 4. Family Items These are Mother’s knifes and forks (interlocking as in praying fingers and lift them slightly) And this is our dining table (lower fingers keeping them interlocked, straighten wrist to form a flat surface) This is Sister’s looking glass (form a circle by touching thumbs and index finger) And this is the Baby’s cradle (cup hands together to form a cradle) 5. Grandmother’s Glasses These are Grandmother’s glasses (make circles around each eye with fingers) This is Grandmother’s cap ( hold fingers interlocked over head) This is the way she folds her hands (fold hands) And lays them in her lap (lay hands in lap)

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1. Parachute play – Before and after the activity discuss how the class worked together just like families working together.

CLASS Concepts

Encourage families to decorate a poster with pictures of themselves and display them throughout the room. Ask the children to tell you about the pictures. Use the pictures to compare and contrast. “What can you tell about Jose’s family by looking at the pictures? How is his family like yours? How is it different? Remember to do a poster for your family, too.

Teaching Concepts for Distance Learning

1. Follow the Leader

Play follow the leader in your house. Take turns moving to a different room and then do a fun movement in each room.

2. Go for a family walk and take turns saying something you are really happy about or thankful for.

3. Do some outdoor chores as a family. Reach, pull, push, and bend.


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