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HS Summer Safety

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Interest Area Changes to Environment

Pictures of Summer Activities (Swimming, bicycling, beach pictures, hiking pictures, etc.) Goggles Sunhat Empty Bottle of Sunscreen Sunglasses Beach Towel Beach Bag Frisbee Beach Sand Toys Magnify Glass Sea Shells Spray Bottle Summer Felt Board Pieces Thermometer Play First Aid Kit Life Jacket Empty Water Bottle Beach Umbrella Small Plastic Pool (Without water) Plastic Insects Plastic Snakes Picnic Basket Baseball Set (outdoor change)

Teaching Concepts for Large Group

1.  What is summer?  What are summer months? Are their rules to follow when not at school during summer?  What is the weather like in the summer? 2.  What is sunscreen? Show children bottle of sunscreen and explain you use this to keep from getting sunburn, prevents skin cancer and aging of the skin. 3.  Show children the bottle of water. How can we keep hydrated when we are out in the heat and sun? By drinking a lot of water. 4.  Going to the beach how can we stay out of the sun? With a beach umbrella, it helps keep you shielded from the sun and keeps you cooler. 5.  What is the purpose of sunglasses? It protects your eyes from the sun’s rays, that can cause damage over time. 6.  What is a life jacket? Why do we need to wear one? Whenever you are in a boat you must wear an approved life jacket, if you are swimming in a pool/lake that is over your head, you should also swim with one. 7.  Why wear a hat? Because it keeps you cool and keeps the sun off of your face. 8.  What if we swim at a pool? Always swim with a buddy and always have an adult around when you swim,  review simple pool rules about diving and horseplay. 9.  Should we stay away from snakes? Insects?

Teaching Concepts for Small Group

1.  Have pictures of the above items and match to their purpose. 2.  Have children come up with their own rules for the following: Camping Boating Pool Beach Backyard *Be sure to focus on their rules and ask them why they chose the rules for each and discuss importance. 3.  Paint On the Sunscreen Materials – Colored construction paper, markers, paintbrushes, empty sunblock bottle Give a piece of construction paper to each student. Have them use a marker and stencil to draw an outline of themselves on the paper. Then, using sunscreen as “paint,” children should slather it on their figures with the brush. As they work, talk about the importance of wearing sunblock. Ask children to predict what will happen if they go outside without it.  Place the paintings in direct sunlight for several hours, then stop by later in the day and take notice of the difference in color. Anyplace the sunscreen was not painted should be faded by the sunlight. Tell children that the sunscreen protects the original color of the construction paper, just like it protects our skin.

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. Row Row Row Your Boat Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.

Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays

1. Summer Transition These are my sun glasses. (circle eyes with fingers) This is my great sun hat. (Hands over head) This is the way I fold my hands (Fold hands) And rest them, just like that. (Place hands into lap) Pack the paper plates and napkins. (Pretend to pack) Don’t forget the food and drink: (Shake head no) Hot dogs, potato salad, cake, and lemonade pink. It’s fun to go on a picnic. I simply cannot wait To eat and play, have fun all day, (Rub stomach) And get home very late. (Yawn) 2.  One Of My Favorite One of my favorite wishes (One finger) Is to play in mud that squishes. To make a mud pie and mud cake (Pretand to make mud pies) And place them in the sun to bake. (Form circles in the air) Will it feel good, do you suppose, (Point to a friend) To squish the mud between my toes? (Wiggle toes)

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1. Mother May I Jump into the Pool? Materials – Hula Hoop Child – “Mother, Mother, may I jump into the pool?” Teacher –  “Not until I am with you—that’s the rule!” Next, the teacher takes a step closer to the hoop and the children repeat the chant. With each repetition, the teacher takes one step closer to the hula hoop. When the teacher gets to the edge of the hoop (or inside of it), he or she modifies the chant to say, “Yes, I am here with you. Hooray! You followed the rule!” At that point, the child can jump into the “pool.”

CLASS Concepts

Ask children to name some of their favorite summer time activities and make a list. When the list is complete, engage the children in discussions about the possible dangers that might accompany the activity.  Connect this to the rules you have in the classroom.  “Just like we have some rules in the classroom that keep us safe, there are rules we should follow when we’re not at school to stay safe.  I see that Jared said that he likes to ride his bicycle during the summer.  Can you think of a rule that he could follow to stay safe on his bicycle?”  Encourage the children to generate ideas about staying safe and write them beside the activity.  Map your actions by saying “I’m writing down your safety tip to ‘always wear a helmet’ beside the activity ‘bike riding’ on our list. Can you think of another danger? What might happen if he rode his bike near the street?” Advanced Language – Hydrated

Teaching Concepts for Distance Learning

1. Motions of the Weather

Use your body to pretend to be different types of weather. Rain, wind, thunder, snow.... get creative.

2. Fill a cup full of water. Can you run around the house/building carrying the cup without losing much water.

3. Water Play

Have fun in the water. Really try to use all your muscles.

Practice math and reading skills while playing fun games.


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