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HS Transportation

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Interest Area Changes to Environment

Cars Trucks Boats Airplane (figurine or pictures) Helicopter (figurine or pictures) Hot Air Balloon (figurine or pictures) Boat (figurine or pictures) Train and Train Tracks (figurine or pictures) Rocket (figurine or pictures) Map Ramp Horse (figurine or pictures) Motorcycle (figurine or picture) Boat out of laundry basket Cardboard airplane Cardboard car wash

Teaching Concepts for Large Group

1. What is Transportation? Discuss. What transportation did you use to get to school? *Show pictures of different transportation. 2. Discuss means of transportation *(boats = float, train = tracks, cars, trucks, 18 wheelers = drive on roads, and airplanes, helicopters = fly) 3.  Learn road signs and maps. 4.  What is a red light?

Teaching Concepts for Small Group

1. Make ramps *Ask questions like which will be faster, why? 2. Tracks a wheel makes *Let children drive toy through different substances (water, paint, mud, sand, etc) and talk about the differences 3. Discuss traffic light colors and make own. 4. Show a real map, set out different markers, crayons, paint and have children make their own map and ask them where the map leads to. 5.  Make tire prints from tires in the block area and black paint. 6.  Make a vehicle out of different shapes. 7.  Match the numbers on the parking spot to the number taped on the car.  8.  Race cars through zig zags, curves, circles, etc.. 9.  Match transportation to how it transports.

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. Act out different means of transportations 2. The wheels on the bus 3. Traveling, Traveling (Tune: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat") Row, row, row your boat, Gently round the lake. Traveling, traveling on the water, Boats are what you take. Drive, drive, drive your car, Have a merry cruise. Traveling, traveling on the road, Cars are what you use. Fly, fly, fly your plane, High up in the air. Traveling, traveling through the sky, Planes will get you there. Chug, chug, chug your train, Chug along the track. Traveling, Traveling on the rails, Trains go there and back. Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet, Stamp them on the ground. Traveling, traveling on your feet, Walk to get around! 4.  I'm Driving In My Car (Tune: "Bingo") Look at me, oh, can't you see, I'm driving in my CAR! C-A-R, (beep, beep) C-A-R, (beep, beep) C-A-R, (beep, beep) I'm driving in my CAR! Repeat verses using other three letter transportation words (ex. VAN, BUS) 5.  The Airplane Song (Tune: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame") Take me out to the airport. Take me up to the gate. Buy me a ticket to fly so high. I want to fly through the big open sky! Let me zoom, zoom, zoom! See I'm soaring Above the cars, buses, and trains. For it's great to fly through the sky on A big airplane!

Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays

1. Red Light Red on top (put hands in the air) Green below (squat down low with hands near the ground) Red says stop (hold hand out in stop position) Green means go (do hand in the come on positions) Yellow says wait (stand still with hands beside you) even if you’re late (point to imaginary watch) 2.  Traffic Light Red on top, Green below, Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow means wait, Even if you're late!

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1. Red Light Green Light 2. Follow the Leader – instead follow the: race car, airplane, train, etc 3.  All Aboard the Color Train: Cut out many “tickets” from different colors of construction paper. Give each child three or four tickets. Tell the children that you are the conductor of a Color Train and they can ride the train if they have a ticket that matches the color you call. Set up chairs or have the children line up to march around the room. Announce “All aboard the Red Train” or the color of your choice. Have the children give you their ticket and have them march around the room. After a minute, announce a new color. Variations: use numbers, letters or shapes instead of colors. 4.  Clickety Clack:  Have the children spread out around the room. Pick one child to be the engine of the train. Give each child a ticket with a number on it. The ticket should be large enough so the number can be clearly seen. Have the child who is the engine pick up the passengers in order. For younger children, just have them pick up the passengers, or have them use color tickets, pick up the red, then orange and so on. 5. Train Movement:  Divide your class into three groups. Have each group form a train. Instruct the children to move around the class and remain connected (hands on the shoulders on the person in front of them). Every minute or two switch engines. 6.  Whistle Game:  Have all the children line up and make a train. Instruct the children that one short whistle means stop and two short whistles means go slowly. If they do well with the two signals add more, three whistles mean back up, 1 long whistle, stop and turn around etc.

CLASS Concepts

Collect small cardboard boxes such as shoe boxes, oatmeal cans, tissue boxes, etc. Provide a variety of materials (paint, construction paper, foil paper, felt, foam shapes, craft sticks) and invite children to create a transportation vehicle of their choice. Ask open ended questions like “what are you designing?” “Where will your vehicle take you?” “What will make it go?” “What will you take with you on your trip?” Make sure to have pictures and books of cars, trucks, planes, trains, boats, hot air balloons, etc. for inspiration. Place boats in the water table. Ask questions such as “what do you think makes a boat float?” “What do you think might make it sink?” Provide a variety of objects that will float and sink and allow children to make predictions and create their own experiments. Provide road maps for the children to look at and fold and unfold. After explaining the premise of a map, engage the children in drawing a simple map of their classroom or school. Make maps directing children to hidden objects in the room or on the playground.


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