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Classroom Attendance Action Plan Strategies Being Used At Centers

  1. Involve families in more active ways by doing performances/presentations.

  2. Encourage volunteering in the classroom so parents can see how important attendance is. 

  3. Children with perfect attendance each month receive a certificate and book.

  4. Family Service typed a letter to the parents promoting attendance all winter long which includes wellness tips for the winter months. 

  5. Send flyer out about handwashing and precautions for sickness.  

  6. Children with perfect attendance each month receive a certificate and bubbles.

  7. Perfect Attendance Posters.

  8. Perfect Attendance Visuals in center for parents to see.

  9. Perfect and Improved Attendance Certificates weekly and/or monthly.

  10. Home/School Visual Boards-parent moves stick from Home to school etc.

  11. Facebook Postings for Perfect Attendance for classrooms/children posted weekly/monthly (this is a requirement for everyone now to encourage attendance across the board.)

  12. Daily Attendance Poster-parents and children place stickers on the poster each day child attends.

  13. Center hero sign with children’s pictures beside it of children who attended all or most days of the week.

  14. Perfect Attendance door displayed in a central entrance location, displays all students center-wide with perfect attendance each month.

  15. Blurb about attendance in Monthly Newsletter.

  16. Monthly attendance recognition in the newsletter.

  17. Add Attendance section to monthly newsletter to educate parents each month.

  18. Perfect Attendance Wall right at the front door.

  19. Talk to families with child chronic absences about the importance of attendance.

  20. Post a “Hip Hip Hooray! We have 100% Attendance Today” sign in the classrooms with 100% attendance for the day.

  21. Monthly Perfect Attendance Certificates posted, sent home to parents, and posted on Facebook page.

  22. Talk to parents/give resources at Home Visit about the importance of routine and coming to school every day.

  23. Remind parents that when public school is closed EHS still has school and that attendance counts.

  24. Remind parents that center is in session and dates open during the holiday.

  25. Talk to parents/children daily about attendance and encourage/praise them daily.

  26. Provide “Attendance Matters” handout at home visit and talk to parents about it.

  27. Classrooms earn stars for highest attendance each month/week.

  28. Attendance Bulletin Board in classroom/center.

  29. Talk with staff at staff meeting about encouraging good attendance. Have open discussion and brainstorm ideas for classrooms/center.

  30. Talk about the importance of attendance at Parent Cafes.

  31. Family Service sent a text to remind parents of school if the child has not arrived by 9:00 am.

  32. Discuss importance and benefits of everyday attendance at transition.

  33. Discuss attendance, days absent, use visual chart at Parent Conference/Home Visit.

  34. Perfect Attendance door to recognize children with perfect attendance.

  35. Discuss attendance at Parent Café.

  36. CiCi’s Pizza/Fazoli’s/Chick-fil-a/Wendy’s frosty and other coupons for children with perfect attendance.

  37. FSS put together a folder of resources on the importance of attendance, resources for parents & children.

  38. CM sent home handout “Help your Child Succeed in Preschool: Build the Habit of Good Attendance with Children” (from Attendance Works).

  39. Weekly Attendance Certificates sent home for perfect attendance.

  40. Sent flyer about handwashing and precautions for sickness.

  41. Award certificates to children who are not chronically absent & perfect attendance certificates.

  42. Send letter home to parents stating how many absences their child has.

  43. Give attendance awards to parents and children.

  44. Teachers will go over the Moderate and Chronic Absences with the families at home visits and show the correlation between attendance and low areas on children’s assessments.

  45. Meet with parents who have children with chronic absences.

  46. Children with perfect attendance added to monthly newsletter.

  47. Have a Family Partnership Meeting with parents on ways to improve attendance.

  48. FSS to speak with families with severe absences.

  49. Add reminders to newsletter about attendance and its importance.

  50. Handout-“How Chronic Absence Affects Student Achievement” (

  51. FSS print individual attendance and highlight days missed and discuss with family during Family Progress report.

  52. Provide parents with “Help Protect Your Family: Top Tips for Flu Prevention” handout.

  53. Acknowledge good attendance on Parent Board.

  54. Talk to parents at Parent Café about “When is too sick for school?” (Attendance Works).

  55. Talk to parents about talking to their child’s pediatrician about importance of flu shots.

  56. Handout-Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism-what parents need to know (

  57. Handed out info from admin. About “Upper Respiratory Signs/Tips” and handout on how to cut down on chances of getting the flu.  

  58. Children with perfect attendance on Center Bulletin Board.

  59. Post pictures of children with 85% attendance or better each week.

  60. Handout-Promoting Good Attendance All Winter Long. 

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