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​,_Rhymes_and_Songs (CLASS 15 Minute In-Services Suites  This short video brings the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework to life. Each of the domains and domain elements are illustrated by children and teachers from Head Start programs across the country. Children in Head Start, ages 3 to 5 years old, are expected to make progress in all areas of child development and early learning outlined by the Framework. But, development and learning doesn’t start at 3! You’ll catch a few glimpses of infants and toddlers who remind us of how the foundations of school readiness begin very early in life.

What Works Briefs are summaries of Effective Practices for Supporting Children's Social-Emotional Development and Preventing Challenging Behaviors.

Zero to Three Topics related to infants and toddlers ages birth to three. Topics include brain development, challenging behaviors, early development, health & nutrition, mental health screening & assessment, play, promoting social-emotional development, sleep, and temperament & behavior.  
This link will take you to a page with scripted stories including "I Can Use my Words" and "I Can Be a Super Friend" which can both be helpful when dealing with challenging behaviors. This website has a lot of free songs and fingerplays, printable puppets and sheet music, circle time songs, etc. click on the resources tab and under Teacher's Corner there are printables, resources, and cute activities to do with the children. for Videos on Active Learning for video on Handwashing and Basic Health Considerations for the Assessment Process for video on Exploring Math Everyday for video on Intentional Teaching: Supporting Literacy for finding quotes to post in classroom related to free play or daily routines

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