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EHS The World Around Us/Nature

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Changes to Environment

Nature photos Nature Magazines Books about the world Books about nature Pictures from around the world Nature stamps Magnifying glasses View finder with nature slides Microscope Box or sealed container full of things from nature Twigs Grass Leaves Fake flowers Soft globe Nature file folder games Coke bottles filled with things from nature (make sure lid is sealed) Stuffed animals Animal puppets Insect/bug puppets Animal stamps Insect/bug stamps Sand Mud Nature puzzles Rainstick Nature sounds CDs Child friendly maps Water Table: water animals, blue water, fake flowers, etc Sensory Table: dirt, sand, grass, twigs, plastic animals and/or insects, rake, shovel, crinkle grass, etc.

Teaching Concepts for Indoor Experiences

1. Leaf rubbings 2. Nature Collage (using real items or magazine clippings) 3. Turn pages of a nature book or magazine 4. Work a nature puzzle 5. Dig in dirt (hide insects, etc in dirt for children to find) 6. Puppet play with nature puppets 7. Observe nature bottles and/or boxes and point/say what you see 8. Rain Cloud- Set up crock pot half full of water and set on high with lid on (away from kids reach of course). After water has condensed on lid show kids how the lid is like a cloud full of water droplets. Pick lid up and explain that as the water droplets form together they get too heavy to stay in the cloud and (turn lid on side) then it rains. After lid is off turn off lights and shine flashlight over crock pot so children can see the "cloud" of evaporation. ​9. Practice cutting by cutting leaves

10. Sink or Float

This is a great science experiment. You will need a big tub of water for the activity. Students can explore and grab some items from nature (leaves, rocks, sticks, flowers, etc.). You can also bring out some items from inside like balls, feathers, etc. Talk about if the kids think that the items will sink or float and then let them drop them into the bucket to find out.

11. Anatomy of a Flower

Show the different parts of the flower to the kids. Explain what each part is used for. Kids can go and collect more flowers and practice sorting them by part.

Teaching Concepts for Outdoor Experiences

1. Nature Walk 2. Hide and seek nature items 3. Flower Hop (hop over flowers) 4. Sway like the trees 5. Cloud chase 6. Soil search- have children examine all sorts of soil (clay, potting soil, sand, top soil) Use magnifying glasses to observe and see how they are different, feel them as well to see the different textures of each.

Teaching Concepts for Music Movement Wellness IMIL

1. Little Seed I’m a little flower seed. I’m planted in the earth. I feel the sun come down on me to warm this big old earth. (sit and tuck in heads and knees to look like a ball) The rain begins to come and gets rid of my big thirst. (wiggle fingers in the air in a downward motion) I then became a big and pretty flower so you can pick me first. (stand up) 2. Rocks are Hard (tune: Three Blind Mice) Rocks are hard Rocks are hard Oh so hard Very hard Some are very big rocks And some are very little rocks But all rocks are hard All rocks are hard 3. Camouflage (tune: Frere Jacques) Camouflage, camouflage Colors that match, Colors that match Where is the weasel, Where is the weasel Its’ hiding, it’s hiding Camouflage, Camouflage Strips and spots, Strips and spots Where is the tiger, where is the tiger, It’s hiding, it’s hiding Camouflage, camouflage Bright red frog, Bright red frog, I don’t need to hide I don’t need to hide Warning, danger, warning, danger 4. A Song For Making Mud Pie (tune:Sing a Song of Sixpence) Sing a song for mud pie, It’s my favorite brand. Mix it ‘til it’s mushy, Squeeze it with your hand, Put it in a tin pan, Leave it in the sun. Wait about an hour, Then you know it will be done! 5. Mud, Mud, Mud Is Fun (tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat) Mud, mud, mud is fun Watch us stir it up Round and round and round and round Mud is fun to make. Mud, mud, mud is fun Listen to it squish Through our fingers, round our toes Squish is how it goes. 6. This Land (Tune: This Land is Your Land) This land is your land This land is my land, Let’s work together To make it better From tall green forests to clear blue waters This land depends on you and me!

Teaching Concepts for Fingerplays

1. Water Cycle (tune: She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain) Water travels in a cycle, yes it does (use pointer finger to make big circle) Water travels in a cycle, yes it does (repeat finger circle) It goes up as evaporation(moves hands up to the sky Forms clouds as condesation (make a cloud overhead with arms) The comes down as precipitation, yes it does! (sprinkle with fingers while bringing arms down in front of you) 2. Leaves Are Floating Down Leaves are floating softly down (Flutter fingers) They make a carpet on the ground (Spread hands apart) Then swish!  The wind comes whirling by (Bring hands around fast) And sends them dancing in the sky (Flutter fingers upwards) 3. I See the Wind I see the wind when the leaves dance by. (dance hands around) I see the wind when the trees wave “Hi!” (wave hand) I see the wind when the kites fly by. (raise arms high) I see the wind when the clouds float up high. (wave hand gently) I see the wind when it blows my hair. (lift hair with hands) I see the wind ‘most everywhere! (hold hands out, palms up) 4. I See The Green Grass I see the green grass (Look down and point to the ground) Under my feet (Lift up one foot at a time) It tickles my toes (Wiggle toes) And it smells so sweet (Sniff and smile) It feels so soft (Stroke arm with finger tips) Like a bed, you know (Hands under face as if sleeping) I see the green grass (Look down and point to the ground) Grow, grass grow! (Raise hands while wiggling fingers) 5. Raindrops Falling (tune:Frere Jacques) Raindrops falling, Raindrops falling, From the sky, From the sky, Put up your umbrella, Put up your umbrella, Nice and dry. Nice and dry.


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