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Welcome to the Family Resource Agency Resource Website! This site is to help with Lesson Plan ideas, CLASS/TPITOS Concepts, bulletin board ideas, along with additional resources!

Remember this is only to help with Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans are still to be individualized for the children in our classrooms. Refer to the Service Area Plan and Performance Standards for additional information.


Teaching Strategies GOLD will be utilized in all classrooms, providing developmental levels on each child on an on-going basis and for planning daily curriculum. This data will include assessment in all of the Head Start domains of children’s learning and development and is aligned with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. WSO will be used in all Pre-K classrooms for planning daily curriculum. The WSO domains align with the Head Start Early Learning  Outcomes Framework and allows teachers to evaluate progress using a primary assessment method of observation. The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework represents the foundation of our Agency’s approach to School Readiness.

All activities planned for Head Start (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS) will be developmentally appropriate based on Brigance Screening and Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment. All activities planned for Pre-K will be determined by Brigance Screening and Work Sampling Online Assessment. The Brigance Screening is a tool used to identify developmental, sensory, social, emotional/behavioral needs and strengths in EHS/HS/Pre-K children and is used as needed.  

Written lesson plans will provide:

1. Individualized goals for children
2. IFSP/IEP goals, activities and services
3. Alternating levels of activity
4. Large/fine motor development activities
5. Outdoor playtime/indoor large motor activities for bad weather days refer to outdoor time procedures
6. Child initiated and adult-directed activities
7. Small group activities; indoors and outdoors
8. A minimal amount of large group activities
9. Opportunities for individual activities
10. Literacy skills
11. Center activities with free choice of creative play
12. Pre-literacy activities including print materials, awareness of print, letter, number and shape recognition and understanding of written words. Journals are accessible to children daily (refer to Welcome Journal Procedures).
13. Books and writing materials are utilized in all areas of the Head Start/Pre-K classroom
14. Indoor and/or outdoor plants, garden in the spring
15. I’m Moving, I’m Learning (IMIL) Wellness Activity

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